20 years of addressing disadvantage among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

The Opening the Doors Foundation, which celebrates its 20-year anniversary in 2021, addresses the severe educational disadvantage still being experienced by many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in Victoria. In a special edition newsletter, Manager of Aboriginal Catholic Ministry Victoria, Sherry Balcombe, shares her ‘great pride and pleasure’ in ‘the fantastic achievements of the Opening The Doors Foundation’.

‘In 20 years we have educated more Aboriginal people than even we could dream of and we are still going,’ she said.

‘We are so proud of the amazing things that our next generation have gone on to do and will continue to do in to the future.’

‘They will change this country and they are getting the tools to do that right now through the Opening the Doors Foundation’.

‘We invite all to join our celebration and help us to share the love and pride for generations to come.’

Front cover of Opening the Doors Foundation newsletter

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