LinCoN (Links and Consolidation Network)

LinCoN (Links and Consolidation Network) is a Human Rights Organisation that links with secular and church organisations in Pakistan and internationally, who assist Christians imprisoned, or who have fled their homes, due to blasphemy allegations. Currently LinCon operates out of Calgary, Canada and Melbourne, Australia.

LinCoN is networking and coordinating with agencies in Canada assisting asylum seekers gain asylum. LinCoN is preparing a dossier to secure an en masse visa for all eligible asylum seekers in Bangkok.

Those acquitted of blasphemy often continue to live in hiding with their families, as some militants believe that no court can acquit a person of blasphemy. LinCoN is investigating alternatives for such families.

The organisation aims to:

  1. Establish contacts and links directly with Christians in Pakistan booked under the blasphemy laws or who face the threat of being booked, and connect with organisations that handle such cases.
  2. Establish links with Christians who have fled to Bangkok, and organisations within Pakistan and internationally – which assist in facilitating asylum in safe countries.
  3. Explore other options and countries besides Canada where these asylum seekers would be welcomed.

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