VMCH’s COVID-vaccine roll out commences

The COVID-19 vaccine has commenced its rollout across VMCH’s aged care residences. Star of the Sea Aged Care Residence, Torquay was the first of the organisation’s 12 homes to receive the vaccine.

VMCH CEO Sonya Smart said 80 residents received their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, with all feeling well after their initial dose. “We are so pleased that our first round of vaccinations went smoothly, and all residents are feeling well. “With more of our residences scheduled to receive their vaccines next week, we need to ensure we have the vaccination process organised. Our team at Star of the Sea did a wonderful job, and it all ran perfectly. “Thanks to communication from some of the other Catholic aged care organisations around Australia, we were able to prepare for the day, knowing how it has run in other homes and some of the issues they had faced.” Ms Smart said VMCH ensured there were additional staff on the floor on the day, to assist with the constant moving of residents to and from the vaccination space. The immunisation team leader and the Residential Services Manager also ensured each resident was monitored and checked post-vaccination to make sure they were feeling well. “It was all hands on deck, but our team did a wonderful job. “Our Lifestyle and Pastoral Care staff were very helpful in supporting residents whilst they were waiting to get their vaccination too, as we all know how boring it can be while waiting at the doctors! “It has been a great team effort so far, and I look forward to the continuing successful rollouts across all aged care residences.”