Refugees & Asylum Seekers

The Catholic Church together with the many Catholic social services agencies across the state are making considerable efforts to assist people seeking asylum, refugees, and other migrants who hold temporary visas. Many remain in harsh circumstances in detention centres, and the majority of the 100,000+ living in Australian community have been deemed ineligible for any federal government support payments during COVID-19, making many at risk of homelessness and despair.

Refugees and asylum seekers are among our most vulnerable community members. Collectively, we can do much to provide practical assistance and support.

Welcome the Asylum Parish Support Program

CSSV auspices the Welcome the Asylum Seeker Parish Support Program, which aims to promote the Gospel message of welcome and support for asylum seekers and refugees to Catholic parishes.

CSSV and its member agencies

  • encourage parishes to reach out to asylum seekers and refugees, in appropriate ways within the capacity of each parish
  • recognise and celebrate the contributions of parishes providing support for asylum seekers.
  • support parishes, agencies and individuals advocating for more humane asylum seeker policies.
  • Our Vision Increasing numbers of Catholic parishes reaching out and supporting asylum seekers and refugees in their parishes and in the broader community. A humane asylum seeker policy in Australia, where asylum seekers and refugees are welcomed and helped to settle in our communities

News related to asylum seekers and refugees

CSSV Service Providers working to assist refugees and asylum seekers

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