Our mission is to assist the Catholic Church in Victoria to fulfil the gospel imperatives to:

Stand in solidarity with and serve the poor, disadvantaged and marginalised; and work for a just, equitable and compassionate society.

Catholic Social Services Victoria (CSSV) is the peak body for Catholic social services across the state. Underpinned by Catholic social teaching, CSSV works with its 40+ member organisations to assist the bishops and broader Catholic community across Victoria, to fulfil the gospel imperatives to stand with and serve the poor, disadvantaged and marginalised.

“If someone helps an elderly person cross a river, that is a fine act of charity. The politician, on the other hand, builds a bridge, and that too is an act of charity. While one person can help another by providing something to eat, the politician creates a job for that other person, and thus practices a lofty form of charity that ennobles his or her political activity.”

Pope Francis, Fratelli Tutti, #186

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