Worth a Second Chance: youth justice education webinar

On Thursday 24 March

As many of us know, marginalization and exclusion, including from school, increases a young person’s risk of getting involved with the criminal justice system. Two in three young people in Australian prisons had been suspended or expelled before their arrest – yet we know school provides the support, structure and purpose young people need to get their lives back on track after making bad decisions and becoming involved with the justice system. School provides a pathway to rehabilitation. But how do we get young people on it?

On this Thursday the 24th an important event on youth justice will be taking place online to address these issues.

This event event will look at the role of education as a pathway out of the justice system (put on by the excellent Worth A Second Chance campaign):

You can register here for the Zoom link.

Here are the details:

School Not Prison: education as a pathway out of the justice system
Thursday, 24 March, from 4-5:30pm AEDT
The panel, moderated by Jesuit Social Services’ CEO Julie Edwards, will discuss sentencing processes and possible reforms, practical community-based support for young people in trouble, what works, and where the gaps are:


Paul Grant, former President, Children’s Court of Victoria
Laura Chipp, Churchill Fellow researching diversion, formerly with Victorian Legal Aid
Kane Apelu, Manager – Housing Programs, Jesuit Social Services
John Andrew, Principal – Ignatius Learning Centre, Jesuit Social Services

Event information

Topic: School Not Prison – education as a pathway out of the justice system
Date: Thursday 24 March
Time: 4-5:30pm AEDT
Location: Online, register here for Zoom link
Format: Panel Q+A
Cost: Free

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