‘Women in Work’ case study by Good Samaritan Inn

Linh was a guest at GSI for a few months before Julie’s (staff member) consistent advocacy helped find a permanent safe and affordable home for her to live in. Linh was settled and doing really well on her own but Julie was aware that she was very keen to find employment so suggested that she might apply for a position that the Women In Work Program created as a cook at GSI.

Given the COVID restrictions meant that our usual volunteer cooks were not always able to undertake their roles cooking the evening meals each night, there was a gap that was being filled by the Case Support Workers, only adding to what is a already a very busy evening shift. Linh started cooking and we were incredibly fortunate to have a Vietnamese speaking volunteer support.

Linh with attaining her Food Safety Certificate and translating the menus and supporting her into the role. This was Linh’s first job in Australia and when she received her first wage, she wanted to give it back to us because she was so grateful for the opportunity to work. The other volunteers love working with Linh, she finds the western food ‘very easy to cook’ and she is always doing more than what is expected of her. Her English language skills have improved significantly Linh is consistently telling Julie after each shift how much she enjoys the new job and how grateful she is to have been given the opportunity.

Women In Work is an employment program within the Good Samaritan Inn focused on finding employment for women who have experienced family violence.

Family violence can take many forms including financial abuse, which can cause women to feel trapped in a violent relationship due to insufficient means or support to financially support themselves or their families.

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