Social Services Sunday, 19 September

Sunday 19 September has been designated ‘Social Services Sunday’ within the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne. This is a good day to pray for the 7,000 committed staff and 17,000 volunteers across Victoria in the 43 member organisations of Catholic Social Services Victoria and the 200,000 people they together work to serve each year.

As stated by Fr Joe Caddy, Episcopal Vicar for Social Services for the Archdiocese of Melbourne, ‘The members of Catholic Social Services Victoria provide enormous resources to help our communities to address the needs of those who are homeless, those suffering mental illness, those who find themselves in prison, children in need of care and any who are vulnerable because of age or disability.’

When parish communities and social service organisations are connected and able to work together, great work is both done and is possible.

Joshua Lourensz, Executive director, catholic social services victoria

This Social Services Sunday is also a time to acknowledge that parishes are often at the forefront of providing practical support, care and service to those in need within their local communities, and beyond. Each parish has a role to play, and each is uniquely placed to ‘shed on the whole world the radiance of … God’s love for all, and our commitment to love of neighbour.’ (Gaudium et Spes, #92).

With the drawn out overlay of COVID-19, the impact on already marginalised and disadvantaged groups is compounded; it is more necessary than ever to work together to fulfil the Gospel imperatives to stand with and serve the poor, disadvantaged and marginalised; and work for a just, equitable and compassionate society.

Resource Pack for Parishes

  • The Resource Pack for Parishes include:
  • Blurb for Parish bulletin
  • Prayer for Wonder and Awe, sourced from 2021-22 Social Justice Statement
  • Homily Notes for Mass this Sunday, 19th September – Social Services Sunday
  • Key Messages and Information Related to Social Services in Victoria
  • Practical Steps

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